Some people do not understand the importance of having medical aid until they are seriously sick and getting proper healthcare starts being a financial burden. Medical aid plans are designed to provide you with protection against insane bills that you might incur after medical procedures including your daily medical expenses.

    When thinking about taking a medical aid plan, research is the most vital part of the process. It is very important to understand the different medical schemes for you to be able to choose a plan that will accommodate your healthcare needs.

    There are different types of medical schemes. We have restricted schemes that cater to people that fall into a particular profession, association, or qualification class. Then we have open/public schemes that provide their services to everyone, affording anyone the chance to join a plan that suits their needs.

    When selecting a medical aid plan, you need to be sure that you are choosing one that meets both your healthcare needs and affordability. Most medical schemes have set premiums for certain plans and some even offer Capitation Options that are linked to income brackets.

    We all know that proper healthcare can get extremely expensive and medical aid covers are designed to protect you against these unexpected financial commitments that can tap into your living expenses as well as emergency funds. Another upside to having medical aid is that you have access to private healthcare specialists and amenities, adding to the state of your overall health, and eliminating the need to go to a public hospital.

    Let’s explore a list of the best medical aid schemes in South Africa for 2022:

    1. Discovery Medical Aid

    By far, Discovery has the highest number of beneficiaries, assisting over 2.5 million people with medical costs. They offer 27 different types of medical aid plans and over 7 scheme categories. One of the benefits of a Discovery medical aid is that apart from having no limits for hospital cover and having the option to go to any private hospital, you also receive Vitality Rewards. These earn you discounts including movie tickets among other rewards. Discovery prices range from R839 to R6 541.

    2. Bonitas Medical Aid

    Bonitas comes second to Discovery, with 8.3% of the total market share in South Africa. Bonitas has about 731 500 beneficiaries and their prices range from R1 009 to R6 438 per month. They provide 13 plans across 9 different schemes and have a managed care programme that aids in managing chronic illnesses such as HIV, cancer, and mental health problems. Another amazing benefit is that if you have 4 or more children, they will receive free medical cover, meaning you just have to pay for your first 3 children.

    3. Momentum Medical Aid

    Momentum Health is comfortably sitting in third place, serving about 284 400 clients. You can choose between 33 plans and 6 different scheme categories with prices that range from R401 to R8 342. There are no annual limits in relation to hospitalisation and their plans cover between 26 and 62 chronic illnesses.

    4. BestMed Medical Aid

    BestMed has been serving the South African market for the past 52 years with about 200 000 beneficiaries. It is self-administered meaning most of your money goes to benefits and not admin, with no self-payment gaps. They tailor-make corporate solutions, offer 11 plans across 3 different schemes, and their prices range from R1 335 to R7 330.

    5. MediHelp Medical Aid

    MediHelp provides extensive cover with 7 plans across 4 scheme categories. They offer a maternity plan, no limit for hospital cover, and full cover for 270 PMBs and 26 other chronic illnesses. Their plans start from R 1448 and can reach R4 698, and the upside is that if you have Prime Options, you only pay for your first 2 children and the rest are free.

    6. Fedhealth Medical Aid

    Since 1936, Fedhealth has been providing several medical aid options for its members at affordable prices. They cover 25 chronic conditions, and they have a network of hospitals and doctors for you to choose from. Their medical aid cover prices range from R1 611 to R3 031, and you also have the option to choose added benefits such as specialised medication and day-to-day cover.

    7. Medshield Medical Aid

    With approximately 110 000 members, Medshield has merged with Oxygen Medical Aid and together they offer a free programme for clients with HIV/AIDS, including an oncology programme for cancer patients. They have affordable prices with a hospital plan for everyone and to top it all off their members receive free access to emergency services.

    I hope this guide helps you select the best medical aid plan that meets your healthcare and financial needs. The aim is to have financial protection in case you must pay large medical bills and have access to private hospitals, avoiding public healthcare providers, who sometimes can be inefficient and overcrowded. It is time for you to take care of your health. Your body does so much for you. Give back to it by investing in a proper medical aid plan.



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