Wesbank offers you a flexible and affordable personal loan.

    You can apply for the Wesbank personal loan online, at your most convenient time.

    Want to know the best part?

    The Wesbank loan calculator gives you the opportunity to find the best loan option, that best suits your financial needs.

    Let’s get started.

    Wesbank CashPower Loan: Benefits & Features

    Maybe you want money for your studies, going on vacations, fix your car and renovate your home. You can use the Wesbank personal loan however you want, the bank together with its partners have no restrictions in that regard.

    Wesbank CashPower Loans offer you great benefits and features you’ll love.

    You can qualify for a loan up to R150,000.00 at the lowest fixed interest rate.

    Using the Wesbank CashPower calculator, you can choose repayment terms that best suit your pocket. Choose repayment terms between 24 months to 6 years, whichever is convenient for you.

    The Wesbank CashPower loan repayment calculator will then display a monthly installment for the amount you want to apply for.

    Since the interest for the loan is fixed, your monthly repayment will never change or be affected by the economic change in the country.

    It gets better.

    Wesbank CashPower Loans are in the form of unsecured personal loans. Your Wesbank loan application depends on the credit score. You don’t need to provide any collateral to secure the loan.

    Your application will go through an affordability assessment to ensure you’d comfortably make the monthly repayments.

    When everything has been processed and your application is approved and successful, the money will be deposited to you immediately.

    Spend it wisely.

    How To Apply for The Loan

    To apply for the loan, you can use any of the following two methods.

    Apply online – You can apply online at the Wesbank website at any time of the day. The online application for the CashPower loan is open 24/7. When you submit your application online, the process will only check if you qualify for the loan.

    After that, a consultant will contact you back to help complete your loan application. No unnecessary paperwork and interviews. Documents will only be required when you qualify for the Wesbank CashPower loan.

    They’ll help complete the application on your behalf. Necessary documents will be needed if you qualify. Submit your documents and get cash in your bank today.

    What You’ll Need To Qualify

    Wesbank is NCR compliant, they’ll want to verify the details you provided for the loan application.

    So, to qualify for Wesbank CashPower loans, you must meet the following criteria:

    • A good credit rating/record
    • Permanently employed earning over R5,000.00
    • Your recent 3 months payslips and banking statements
    • Copy of your ID document
    • Proof of residential address

    That’s all.

    The Wesbank CashPower Loan Calculator

    First, visit www.wesbank.co.za.

    On the home page, you’ll see the personal loan calculator section.

    Use the slider to choose the loan amount you wish to apply for.

    Check your monthly installment by selecting a repayment term of your choice.

    When you’re happy with your selection, simply click on the “apply for personal loan” button to proceed.

    You’ll get an instant decision about your Wesbank CashPower loan application.



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