Where to Get a Free Credit Report in South Africa

A credit score plays a major role in a credit provider’s decision to offer credit.

It is a numerical expression from 0 – 999 that depicts a consumer's creditworthiness. In simple terms, the higher the score, the healthier your credit is – the better your chances of getting approved for certain credits.

The report is based on your credit history – the number of active accounts you have, the total level of debts, and your repayment history.

A good credit score can work in your favour in negotiating better deals and preferential interest rates as you are considered a low-risk consumer. To stay on track with your finances you will have to be familiar with your financial status of which you can easily access for free on various platforms.

You can get a free credit report from the following companies/platforms:

1. TransUnion

TransUnion values its customer’s success by not only offering credit data but going beyond and offering insights that businesses and consumers need to make informed decisions and achieve great things.

TransUnion currently operates in 8 countries in Africa offering commercial, consumer, insurance, and auto risk information solutions in various industries. They also offer credit management solutions in Africa. With them, you can access your credit report once a year for free.

They offer an updated once-off view report wherein you can check your financial history and score and if there is any adverse court action taken against you.

2. ClearScore

You can check your credit score and get tips on how to improve it for free from ClearScore.

It is a company that is dedicated to helping its users to improve their financial well-being. They operate in the UK, South Africa, and Australia offering access to financial data – credit report and score, and Open Banking data.

You can sign up for free on their website or on their App which you can download from your App store. Using their platform, you can track your finances in your credit report and get better deals / the right products for you.

3. DirectAxis Pulse

DirectAxis Pulse is a financial service provider that offers a free and secure tool that allows you to check your credit score ratings and also offers advice on how you can improve it.

It allows its users to compare their credit ratings to other South Africans, view their recent credit enquiries and any defaults or judgements, and also spot any fraudulent activity on their accounts.

You can check your credit ratings and download your free report by signing up on their website.

4. African Bank 

Even if you are not an African Bank client you can get a free credit report from them.  You can access your free report by registering on their site or downloading the African Bank App from your App store.

5. Sanlam

Sanlam also offers a free credit dashboard that enables users to get access to their credit reports and free access to a coach who assists in informing users on the steps they can take to improve their credit score.

The credit profile also shows personalised offers for insurance, savings, and other lending products one qualifies for.

New users can simply just register by following the few required steps, get their dashboard, once everything is set, you will have a full view of your credit history and can request to talk to a coach by calling or simply chatting online.


Remember that to keep your financial wellbeing healthy you will have to pay your debts in time, do not apply for too much credit in a short space of time, and if something does not seem right on your report, contact the credit bureau to dispute any inaccuracies.

This will potentially safeguard you from identity theft, as well as guide you to paint yourself in the best possible light in the eyes of the credit provider. You can read more on what a good credit score is and the best way to improve your credit score