Wonga Loans Calculator: Applications Made Simple

Wonga loans calculator makes the application simple and fast. Begin your Wonga loan application with the calculator and get your money today.

Wonga Loans are flexible short term credit you can quickly apply for online or over a telephone.

The best part?

The Wonga loans calculator helps you understand the loan terms fast so that you don't spend more time on a telephone with a consultant.

If you were looking for affordable pay day loans, then Wonga flexi loans is worth considering.

In short: You'll know how much you can qualify for, at what interest rate and for how long.

Let's dive right in.

How to apply for a loan at Wonga

Wonga is an accredited provider that offer short term loans to South Africans.

Begin your Wonga loan application online at the website.

Use the Wonga loan calculator to apply for a loan up to R4 000. Existing clients can a Wonga loan application up to R8 000.

Select repayment terms that best suit your monthly budget and date of the debit order.

The Wonga calculator will instantly show you interest charged and total repayment. Loans are offered at the lowest and regulated interest rates.

Your application will then be processed. Depending on your credit rating, an offer will be made to you should not qualify for the desired amount.

Accept the terms and get money in the bank same day.

You can spend the money the way you want.

No hidden fees!

All costs will be displayed on the screen for you. You will everything you need to know about your Wonga loan application beforehand.

It gets better.

Simply login to website to manage your Wonga loans. The dashboard will display your credit history and current loan applications.

You can also top up and increase the loan or apply for multiple online.

Unfortunately, Wonga doesn't have an app yet, but I'm pretty sure they're working on it.

Failure to repay Wonga loans will results in negative impact on your credit rating. This will lead to being blacklisted and won't be able to borrow money from Wonga again.

Wonga Loans Requirements

  • A working cellphone number
  • Must be 18 years and above with a SA ID number
  • Your bank account details
  • Last 3 months proof of income

If you're having any issues login into your account, please contact Wonga for further assistant.

Wonga always warn of SCAMs. If you receive suspicious SMSes that claims to come from Wonga, please send that text to za.fraud@wonga.com and Wonga will double check for you quickly.

Wonga Contact Details

For any queries, please direct your calls to 0861 966 421 and a consultant will assist you. Wonga is here to help.

If you're struggling to make your Wonga loans application over a telephone, don't hesitate to ask Wonga consultant to help, they will also give you free financial advise.

Alternatively visit their website at www.wonga.co.za to read more and apply online.

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