SA Lotto Number Predictions for Wednesday, 17 August

Stop taking chances and get closer to the winning numbers with our lotto predictions.

For every next draw, we will predict potentially winning lotto numbers by analyzing the old numbers patterns.

Disclaimer: These lotto predictions do not guarantee you'll win the next draw nor have the predictions been reviewed and approved by Ithuba National Lottery.

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SA Lotto Number Prediction for (Wednesday, 17 August)

While no one controls which numbers are drawn, the following lotto numbers will boost your chances of getting closer to the jackpot.

14 16 17 26 33 49
Try your luck!

Previous Lotto Winning Numbers

  • Draw date: 02 July 2022
    01 - 17 - 22 - 37 - 38 - 46 + 23
  • Draw date: 29 June 2022
    41 - 34 - 33 - 51 - 40 - 27 + 36

Next SA Lotto Draw Dates

  • Wednesday: 17 August 2022
  • Saturday: 20 August 2022

Generate Lucky Numbers for the Next Draw

Use the following tool that'll randomly generate lotto lucky numbers for you to bet. You can generate as many numbers between 1 and 52, as regulated by the National Lottery in South Africa.

Can Lotto Predictions Help You Win?

The general short answer is NO.

As indicated, the lotto number prediction tools simply analyze previous result-patterns and offer you a chance or hope your numbers will be drawn.

The numbers are drawn every week using the paddles machine that spins the balls and drop them drop them into a drum. That's how lotto numbes are drawn.