TA Consulting Loans Reviews | How To Apply & Get Approved Fast

Apply for TA Consulting Loans and get an instant online approval. Get paid today with payday loans. 100% free service. Consolidate your debt with blacklisted loans up to R150 000.

So, you're looking for a loan but not sure who to trust? TA Consulting Loans gives you many types of loans you can choose and benefit from.

The best part?

You can easily apply for the loan online and get instant approval - very easy application process.

Know more about TA Consulting Loans

Before we dig deep into the services, let's learn a little bit about the company itself.

TA Consulting is a leading loan broker in South Africa with over 10 years of experience.

Over the years in business, the company gave loan applicants the opportunity of various loans that best suits any financial situations.

They offer quite several services, bridging finance, vehicle finance for blacklisted, cellphone contracts and loans [which we are going to discuss in the below sections].

These services were created after pain endured by customers. Many of the TA Consulting clients, mostly blacklisted, struggled a lot finding loans out there.

When they faced financial challenges, they would have nowhere to run. Until TA Consulting loans arrived.

Let's look at the loans now, but please stay tuned. I'm going to show how it all work

Now, here are the type of loans you can apply for:

Blacklisted loans - A loan up to R150 000 at a maximum of 32% interest rate. The rate is based on your credit profile. If you're a high risk, your interest will obviously be high, so that the company can recover their money fast. You would have between 3 to 60 months to repay the loan.

Personal loans - R150 000 loan for 60 months of repayment. Loans are offered at a competitive interest rate.

Payday loans - A fast loan for 30 days at the best possible interest rate. Very good for unforeseen expenses during the month. Fast approval and same day pay out.

It gets better.

You can easily apply for TA Consulting loans and instant online approval.

Once you have obtained the loan, you can spend the money the way you want - the choice is yours.

Want to know the best part?

TA Consulting services are 100% free. They don't charge clients any amount to process loan applications.

And loans are unsecured. You don't need to provide any kind of collateral against your loan application.

How to...

As mentioned above, TA Consulting is a loan broker, meaning when you apply for a loan, they route your application to various legal lenders willing to help.

Basically, they will find a solution that best suits your needs.

The process is fairly simple and will never harm your ratings.

You know if you apply for a loan to multiple credit providers, that alone will harm your ratings - right?


TA Consulting credit providers are all registered with the National Credit Regulator and comply with the Credit Act of 2005. Learn more about the act here.

Loan offers will be send to you to choose from. Once decided, the agreement will be between you and the credit provider. TA Consulting just connects you with the right lenders.

Find out more information about TA Consulting Loans on the website at www.taconsulting.co.za.

Alternatively, you can checkout TA Consulting reviews on GlassDoor website.