FNB Branch Locator | Universal Branch Codes | Branch Name

FNB branch locator is an online tool anyone can use to get physical addresses and branch codes.

FNB have noticed how customers don't really keep branch codes in their heads but branch names instead.

The branch locator was created with a customer in mind. You just need to search for a keyword and the tool will find the address and most importantly, the code of that particular branch.


FNB has always been the leading innovative bank in South Africa. The bank aims at giving clients the best experience with banking tools - such as the branch locator.

The bank studied and learned how difficult it's been to find a branch code. With the branch locator, life has just become very easy.

Next time you're making a payment online, please head on to the FNB website and grab the branch code instantly.

The best part:

FNB has universal branch code which anyone can use, should they not find a specific branch code. The code is 250 655.

FNB Branch Locator: Here's how it works

  1. Visit fnb.co.za/locators/branch-locator.html
  2. In the text input below "Find a branch" heading, enter your keyword
  3. Choose options you'd like from the branch [see screenshot above]
  4. Hit enter or click on the search icon on the right

The branch locator will display results on the page. The results will include the branch name, branch code, branch address and so on.