Makeup and beauty products can bring out our confidence and enhance our natural features. However, the cost of maintaining a well-stocked makeup bag can quickly add up. Luckily, you don’t have to compromise your beauty routine to save money. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to score high-quality cosmetics without breaking the bank.

    How to Save on Cosmetics: Smart Strategies for the Beauty-Conscious

    Rethink Your Purchasing Habits

    • Shop mindfully: Before you buy, ask yourself if you truly need it or if you’re simply enticed by the latest trend. Evaluate your existing collection – you may have similar products already.
    • Downsize: Opt for travel-sized or mini versions of products, particularly ones you use infrequently. Experiment with new items without committing to the full-priced version.
    • Wait for sales: Many retailers offer substantial discounts during holidays and special events. Sign up for email notifications to get alerts on upcoming sales.
    • Price compare: Use online tools and apps to compare prices between different stores and websites before you buy.

    Make Your Products Work Harder

    • Multipurpose makeup: Choose products that can be used in multiple ways. Lipsticks can double as blush, bronzers can be eyeshadows, and creamy highlighters can illuminate more than just your cheekbones.
    • Revive old products: Dried-out mascara? Add a few drops of saline solution to restore its consistency. Clumpy eyeshadow? Scrape off the top layer and it’s good as new.
    • Use every last drop: Don’t throw away that seemingly empty foundation bottle. Cut it open or store it upside down to extract every last bit of product.

    Shopping Savvy in South Africa

    • Local is Lekker: South Africa boasts incredible homegrown cosmetic brands that offer fantastic quality at competitive prices. Explore what our local talent has to offer!
    • Clicks ClubCard & Pick n Pay Beauty Club: Sign up for loyalty programs at major retailers like Clicks and Pick n Pay. You’ll earn points towards discounts and be notified of epic sales like Clicks’ “Think Pink” event.
    • Dischem Benefit: Dischem offers a “Buy One Get One Half Price” (BOGO) promotion on selected cosmetics every month. Stock up on your staples when your favourites are on special!
    • Flash Sales & Online Deals: Keep an eye on online retailers like Takealot, Superbalist, and Spree for flash sales and clearance events on big-name beauty brands.

    Maximise Your Products

    • Double Duty Delights: South African summer heat calls for multi-tasking products! Opt for BB creams that combine foundation, SPF, and moisturizer. Tinted lip balms are another great way to save space and time.
    • Desi DIY: South Africa has a wealth of natural beauty ingredients. Whip up homemade sugar scrubs with honey and brown sugar, or create a hydrating face mask with avo and yoghurt.
    • Squeeze Every Last Drop: Don’t let precious product go to waste! Cut open seemingly empty mascara tubes and squeeze out the last bit of goodness. Use cotton buds to get the final dregs of foundation out of the pump bottle.

    Freebies and Samples Galore

    • Clicks Beauty Buzz & Pick n Pay Beauty Club Events: These loyalty programs often host exclusive events where you can get free makeovers, samples, and even gifts with purchase.
    • Department Store Delights: Head to the beauty counters at Woolies or Edgars and chat to the makeup artists. They’ll be happy to offer personalized recommendations and may even give you a free sample!
    • Social Bunny Benefits: Follow your favourite South African beauty brands on social media. They often run competitions where you can win free products or get exclusive discount codes.

    Frugal Finds & Second Chances

    • Dischem Markdown Mania: Dischem has a dedicated “markdown” section for cosmetics nearing their expiry date. These products are perfectly safe to use and can be a great way to score big savings on high-end brands.
    • Pre-Loved Picks: Consider buying gently used makeup on platforms like BidorBuy or Gumtree. Just be sure to sanitize everything thoroughly before using it.
    • Retailer Return Policy: If you’re unsure about a shade or product, take advantage of the return policies offered by most major retailers in South Africa. Just make sure to keep the receipt and original packaging.

    Smart Shopping Strategies

    • Discount stores: Some smaller stores often carry popular beauty brands at significantly reduced prices.
    • Online outlets: Websites specializing in beauty products frequently offer deeper discounts and wider selections compared to traditional stores.
    • Secondhand marketplaces: Consider buying gently used makeup on platforms. Be sure to sanitize products thoroughly.

    Additional Money-Saving Tips

    • DIY beauty: Create homemade face masks, scrubs, and hair treatments using readily available ingredients from your kitchen.
    • Minimize makeup waste: Use tools like makeup spatulas to avoid wasting precious product.
    • Store makeup correctly: Keep your cosmetics in cool, dry locations to extend their shelf life. Incorrect storage can lead to premature spoilage.
    • Cut back on disposables: Instead of disposable cotton rounds and makeup wipes, invest in reusable options that are both eco-friendly and cost-effective in the long run.

    Remember, it’s about enhancing your beauty, not burdening your wallet. By being resourceful and switching up your shopping habits, you can have the cosmetics collection of your dreams without overspending.

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