The Best 20 Job boards For Fast Hiring in South Africa

Job boards are the easiest and most popular way of finding work/employment in South Africa.

They consist of a database of employers and recruiters connecting jobs with potential candidates.

You're guaranteed to find your next job faster.

Want to know the best part?

Most of these job search websites are locally managed and are tailored for the South African market. These boards host high-paying jobs and a great working environment.

Before we look at a list of the most used and trusted job sites, let's have a look at what it is - exactly.

What Is a Job Board And Why They're Created?

A job board is a job search website that easily connects employers with the right candidates. They give applicants a great place to start hunting for jobs in their respective industries.

Job boards help employers and recruiters place talented individuals in great opportunities.

Basically, they're like Google but just for jobs or vacancies.

Some of these recruiting websites target certain industries. However, general boards are the most popular ones in the country.


Young people often compare LinkedIn with other social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

But no, it cannot be compared as the content on LinkedIn is about business and career development. LinkedIn users share work experiences, achievements, and available jobs in South Africa.

So, students could use LinkedIn to prepare themselves for a great career path and network with other professionals that inspire them.

This is why you'll need to properly brand your LinkedIn profile to attract recruiters. Keep your profile professional as this is your online CV that hiring managers will use to determine your work experience.

Start building your profile today to increase your chances of getting a dream job.

The best part?

LinkedIn is free to use, and you'll connect directly with employers.

The Best 20 Job Hunting Websites in South Africa

  1. LinkedIn
  3. BizCommunity Jobs
  4. Careers24
  5. Indeed
  6. Career Junction
  7. Pnet
  8. Glassdoor
  14. Careers Portal
  15. Google Jobs
  16. Recruit My Mom
  17. Government Jobs
  18. Career Jet
  19. Junk Mail

Most hiring managers and recruiters use these job boards to find ideal candidates.