The Best Medical Aid Schemes In South Africa

Every one of us needs some form of medical aid cover as we cannot afford the cost of a long hospital stay that requires serious medical care.

Medical aid schemes are the main funders of private healthcare in South Africa.

They are independent and non-profit organisations governed by South African’s Medical Scheme’s Act which ensures that members are protected and they receive healthcare when they really need it.

As a member, you will be required to pay a monthly amount of which will be pooled and safeguarded and will be used to take care of your medical claims.

In simple terms, the medical aid scheme provides financial cover for medical expenses for their members. They cover healthcare costs such as hospitalisation, treatments, and medicine. These costs are covered according to the rules of the medical scheme and the member’s medical aid plan type.

The tricky part about signing up for medical aid in South Africa is that most medical aid schemes are not fully transparent about their terms and conditions as research has shown that most scheme’s don’t pay for some of their member’s medical bills, sometimes members are expected to pay from their own pockets while they are a member of a medical aid scheme.

This is why it is wise to conduct proper research and weigh your options well before you commit to a medical aid scheme.

Hippo clearly states certain factors that one can look into before they can decide on which medical aid scheme to go for. Regardless, there are some of the best medical schemes with great medical plans and benefits here in South Africa that we can’t overlook.

1. Bestmed Medical Scheme

BestMed tops the chart as one of the best medical aid schemes as it has managed to keep its customers happy in the previous year. It has been in operations since 1964 and has an excellent track record and caters to more members, providing quality healthcare to the lives of South Africans. What makes them special is that their plans options have 75% less co-payments compared to their competitors and their customer satisfaction index is 77.4.

2. Medihelp Medical Aid

With a 77.1 customer satisfaction index, Medihelp offers the best products combined with excellent customer support service. It is one of the top five open medical schemes in South Africa and has been in the industry for more than a century and still maintains the stability and sustainability needed to make sure that members are well taken care of and at peace. It offers the following plans: student plan, hospital plan, savings plans, and comprehensive plans which range from R636 – R3 138 per month.

3. Discovery Health Medical Scheme

Discovery is one of the largest medical schemes in South Africa with 5.1 million clients. It is the only medical scheme that has shown small but consistent customer satisfaction scores over three years. The index of its customer satisfaction is 76.8. They offer 23 health plan options that people can choose from. These plans are designed to suit any individual’s health and financial needs. The plans range from the most comprehensive private healthcare cover on their Executive Plan to their KeyCare plans, where you get cost-effective private healthcare cover through their extensive network of providers.

4. Bonitas Medical Aid

With a 74.9 customer satisfaction index, Bonitas has been in operation for nearly 40 years with 730 000 beneficiaries. From just R1 452, they have plan options that cater to everyone. Their plans are namely, edge plan, traditional plan, savings plans, hospital plans, and income-based plan all offering value and rich benefits.

5. Momentum

Momentum has the least loyal customers, it has shown a decline of 4% in customer loyalty score from 2019. The index of its customer satisfaction is 71.1. It offers its members a variety of benefits that include preventative care, hospitalisation, day-to-day benefits, access to chronic medication, and 24/7 medical advice at no extra cost. Momentum rewards its members for living a healthy lifestyle. Depending on their medical aid plan, members could earn up to R3 000 per family per month in health returns.

Remember, it is your responsibility as an individual to compare the various medical aid schemes first before you settle for any - research is very crucial.