40 Websites to Get Loans for Bad Credit (South Africa)

Major banks and established financial services providers do not offer loans for bad credit or blacklisted individuals however, there are 8 381 registered credit providers in South Africa but, only a few will offer you a loan with bad credit.

During these tough times getting a loan can be the only option you are left with to access money however, if your credit score does not meet the minimum requirements, you will be left with few options.


Fortunately, in South Africa we have many companies that can still assist you even if you have a bad credit score. This depends on a few conditions that you must meet in order to qualify for many of these credit providers.

  • Minimum income of R3000
  • Permanent employment
  • Age 18 and above
  • Bank Statements for 3-6 Months
  • No debt counselling, review, or administration
  • No sequestration
  • South African citizen with proof of address


Here is a list of some the loan companies you can get help from

  1. Econlineloans.co.za
  2. Letsatsifinance.co.za
  3. Braamfin.co.za
  4. Izweloans.com
  5. Mrcashloans.co.za
  6. Fasta.co.za
  7. Loanassistance.co.za
  8. Loan4debt.co.za
  9. Lowbudgetloans.co.za
  10. Xcelsiorloans.co.za
  11. Bridge.co.za
  12. Bestdebtfin.co.za
  13. Paydaygorilla.co.za
  14. Dotloans.co.za
  15. Showtimefinance.co.za
  16. Mazumaloans.co.za
  17. Hooplaloans.co.za
  18. Loansforsa.co.za
  19. Quickconsolidationloans.co.za
  20. SupaSmartLoans.co.za
  21. QuickLittleLoans.co.za
  22. PowwowLoans.co.za
  23. Cash-loans.co.za
  24. Kwalafloloans.co.za
  25. Makandafinance.co.za
  26. Tsheletethuso.co.za
  27. Masfinancialservices.co.za
  28. Uloans.co
  29. GPcredit.co.za
  30. Lime24.co.za
  31. Blacklistedcarfinance.co.za
  32. Hmtloans.co.za
  33. Prontoloans.co.za
  34. Bloans.co.za
  35. Bradburyfin.co.za
  36. Yebocash.co.za
  37. Powerloans.co.za
  38. Challenorfinance.co.za
  39. Atlasloans.co.za
  40. Loanfin.co.za

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