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Looking for personalised credit that best suit your pocket? Capitec Bank Loans might be worth considering. Use the Capitec loan calculator for free online estimation.

Capitec Bank Loans are easy to apply for and offer more benefits than you can ever imagine.

I know this because Capitec Bank is one of the top banks in South Africa.

I also know friends and many businesses which trust Capitec Bank with financial services such as personalised credit, home loans and credit cards.

But we'll talk more about the services later in the article.

Now let’s get started...

Why Choose Capitec Bank Loans

Maybe you wanted to do home improvements, buy a reliable car for the family, pay for study fees or medical bills.

Capitec Bank will offer you a personalised credit of up to R250 000. Perhaps you just wanted quick cash to manage unplanned expenses, Capitec has a solution for you.

You can get a credit facility of up to R5 000 - in your bank account instantly.

You must be wondering - what is personalised credit?

A personalised credit is a way Capitec Bank offer you the best loans based on your current needs and credit profile.

You get to choose the monthly installment that best suits your budget and monthly cash flow.

You could also use Capitec Bank Loans to consolidate your debt for one central monthly installment. This option will give you the lowest interest rate.

But you can spend the money however you wish - the choice is yours.


Capitec Bank operates under strict compliance with the National Credit Act. They will never lend you money you cannot afford to pay back.

Your Capitec loan application will be offered based on your affordability and credit rating.

The bank will determine your affordability by considering the following:

  • Your lifestyle banking.
  • Income and expenses every month.
  • How stable is your income for the amount you're applying for?
  • The monthly installment you choose - is it the best?

The above information will give you the most convenient Capitec Bank personal loan ever. You will be able to manage the monthly installment without affecting your monthly cash flow.

Capitec Bank Global One - Loan Types

Here's a list of credit you may find interesting at Capitec Bank. These are solutions designed for specific financial need and expectation.

1. Personalised Credit

Get as much as R250 000 over a period of 84 months. Loan is given at a fixed interest rate from 12.9%.

Your monthly installment doesn’t change for the whole term of the loan.

Easy to apply and quick payout.

2. Credit Facility

Designed for unplanned financial emergencies. Capitec Bank gives you R5 000 to prepare and manage emergency situations.

Money is available immediately at the Capitec ATM's or supermarket tills.

You can transfer the money across Capitec account using the app and cellphone banking.

3. Home Loans

Qualify for a bond up to R5 million.

With the Capitec Home Loan, you're guaranteed 100% of the home value when you apply online.

The loan is based on your affordability and credit profile.

Fast approval in just 5 days, considering all the documents have been provided

4. Credit Card

Get up to R150 000 limit on your Capitec Bank Credit Card when you apply today.

Want to know the best part?

If you pay back the money within 55 days, you don't pay any interest.

Credit is personalised to your profile.

Manage the funds on the Capitec Bank app.

What you'll need to apply

To apply for any credit in South Africa, you must provide certain documentation for processing.

Now, to qualify for Capitec Bank Loans, you must produce the following documents:

  • Identification document (you must be 18 years or older)
  • Original proof of residential address
  • Latest salary slip
  • Stamped 3-month bank statement showing your last 3 salary deposits

Ways to apply for Capitec Bank Loans

There are couple of ways to apply for credit with Capitec Bank.

1. Apply online

Visit to begin your application.

Use the Capitec Bank loan calculator to get online estimation.

2. Apply via the app

Download and setup your Capitec Bank app. This will give you full access to banking features.

You can then apply on the app and get instant approval.

3. Apply at a branch

Visit any of the Capitec Branches across the country.

Submit your documents and apply with the help by a consultant.

Get your answer same time.

It's that simple.

How Capitec Bank Loans are approved

Do you want more details on how loans are approved at Capitec? Continue reading...

Before credit providers make decisions to grant you a personal loan, there a few factors they need to consider.

The company must certain you're a reliable client based on your banking behavior.

The biggest loan approval signal is affordability.

Capitec Bank will review and understand your recent income and your average spending.

They look at the money you have left after all deductions and expenses to evaluate how much you can afford.

If you can pass the affordability assessment and have stable income as per your banking statements and pay slips.

You're likely to get approved for the amount you want.

Capitec Bank Loan Contact

For more information about Capitec Bank Loans, contact 0860 10 20 43 and speak to a consultant.

Visit a branch, if you prefer speaking to a consultant face to face.

Alternatively, visit and read more online.