VAYA Footwear - Sneaker for the Ambitious

VAYA Sneakers is a new sneaker brand launched earlier this year in South Africa.

A sneaker for igniting the hustle fire for the ambitious, looking to bring a different kind of inspiration to the people of Msanzi.

The brand was founded by a Katlehong entrepreneur, Themba Makamo to compete with local and international sneaker brands.

And most importantly, to make people feel confident.

About VAYA Footwear

The name 'VAYA' is a township language that means "to-go", "going" or "go-get-it", hence, the brand name is "Vaya For It".

Designed for the hustlers, hard workers, go-getters, and ambitious individuals in South Africa.

It's not just a sneaker: "The whole vision is about helping ambitious people reach their goals and feel confident".

The VAYA footwear was founded by Themba Makamo, an entrepreneur with a deep passion to help and assist young people to conquer and reach their goals.

When VAYA footwear was launched this year, they started with a small scale, testing the market of course.

And fortunately, the brand was welcomed and is loved by many South Africans.

Buy VAYA Sneaker (Pricing & Distribution)

VAYA Triumph sneaker is currently selling at R1,000.00 for all the color variations with free delivery in Gauteng and Limpopo provinces.

But wait, the company is opening its first-ever store in Johannesburg at the Newtown Junction Mall. It only took them nine (9) months, speaking of working hard and reaching targetted business goals. The new VAYA store is located opposite Shoprite, ground level.

Customers will now have the physical experience with the sneaker - test driving VAYA before making a purchase.

It's by far, the most stylish and affordable sneaker in the country, compared to many existing brands.

VAYA will continue taking orders online. If you reside in other countries, a delivery fee with be charged to courier.

And it's not a lot as we've tested the delivery to the Eastern Cape and the fee was R150.00 flat rate.


The VAYA sneaker is currently selling online - only.

Visit to start the journey.

Ordering online is the most effective and convenient way of purchasing your VAYA sneaker. You can do this in the comfort of your own space.

The order information will be processed securely on their website and will never be shared with anyone else without your consent.

Alternatively, order your sneaker via WhatsApp.

You'll receive an invoice after initiating your order and upon full payment, your sneaker will then be delivered to your doorstep.

The Future

The company announced earlier this month (July 2021) that they'll be doing popup stores and pick-up points.

While they're currently selling online, like many brands that started small, they will in the future open their own stores in popular malls and manufacturing factories.

While they currently have 6 permanent employees, they're looking to contribute more to the South African economy and defeat the level of unemployment.