There are over 1000 ways to make money, from investing to starting a side hustle business. Everyone could do with the idea of making extra money to help cover bills or save up for something you seriously want to purchase. You could be asking yourself this question “what are the best ways to make money fast?” or rather just to make money. To help you get started, we have compiled a list of practical and realistic ways to make money.

    1. Invest

    You can make your money work for you by making a good investment. You can invest your money in any JSE listed shares or any other investment that will gradually grow and yield positive results in the next five years. You can choose if you want a short- or long-term investment.

    2. Rent out a room

    If you have a house with a room to spare, you can rent it out. If you are staying in a more desirable location, then this will be a bang for you as getting someone to rent won’t be a difficult task, you can ask around, someone might know someone. There is always someone out there who is looking for a place to stay, and the property industry is stable so you can depend on it for a constant extra income.

    3. Online surveys

    You can get paid by doing online surveys. This is one of the easiest ways one can consider when it comes to making money online. Participating in online surveys doesn’t require much from you as all you have to do is simply give your opinion on a product or a service, and you get paid for it. There are a lot of survey sites to make money online from but, not every paid survey site is reputable, and some are more lucrative than others. Selecting the right paid survey websites can make a big difference, especially since you won’t qualify for every survey you see. Surveys for money have requirements that determine eligibility, usually based on demographic information and your habits, so you don’t want to waste time on a website that isn’t going to pan out. You can check out sites such as SwitchedOn, SurveySavvy, and Enlighten.

    4. Social media influencer

    With the right following and engagement on social media, you can be rolling in big bucks in the social media influencer industry. An influencer is a content creator who develops a following by sharing positive vibes, produces quality content that inspires, informs, and sparks engagement. They start making money when they start working/collaborating with brands on sponsored ads. If you are lucky, some brands can even approach you personally after they see that you are the right person to represent their brand. To get started, you can register with sites such as “The Salt” and you can also do short courses in between to boost your knowledge of social media marketing. With a good campaign and reputable brand, you can earn between R500 – R10k per post, some that have been doing it for a while can even demand more.

    5. Buy and sell items

    You can start your own kind of store, could be an online or physical store. You can stock clothes, appliances, hair, or anything that is in high demand, buying in bulk from wholesalers and resell to the masses at a reasonable price that includes profit. You can ship from international stores such as eBay. You may use your social media pages for advertising.

    6. Become a Youtuber

    You can make money by creating a YouTube channel or a podcast. Just like how large media houses create content and broadcast to the audience, you as an independent can also create content that people can relate to and allow them to download, stream, or share with their peers. One thing for sure is that you will have to push on building a large audience, as this will make it easier for big brands to approach you to advertise their products on your platform. Large brands pay a lot of money so if you can focus on this R5000 a week will be nothing. Remember, YouTube can also pay you for the number of views and subscribers so you will have to push for more audience and also post content on a regular.

    7. Blogging

    If your writing skill is on point, then blogging is something you can look into to make money. You can start your blog where you write about things that are of interest to you and your target market. With blogging, you can also make money through sponsored posts. Sponsored posts include blog posts that brands or people pay you to create and advertise – this can be you reviewing their latest product or just promoting their products. For this to be a success, you will have to push for more traffic for your site and have people sign up.

    8. Drive for Uber/Bolt

    Companies like Uber and Bolt offer a great opportunity to people to make money through chauffeur service. You can download the app and register as a driver. You will need a clean driving record and your car will have to be roadworthy.

    9. Food delivery service

    You can make money also through food delivery services for restaurants. We have apps such as UberEats and Mr D Food where you can register and offer your services as a food delivery person.

    10. Home cleaning, laundry, and gardening services

    If you have green hands and are good with household duties maybe you should start thinking of how you can make money through that. You can start by offering your services to your nearby neighbours, see how that goes, and if you want to broaden your market, you can do a poster and advertise your services online for great exposure, then more customers, more money. You will be surprised, there are so many people that require such services and would be happy to hire someone to assist them with them.

    With so many ideas offered, you should now be able to find at least something you can do that can start bringing in money for you. Remember, some of these ideas will enable you to make some money quick while some will need you to be a little bit patient with seeing the money coming in. Know how much you want every week/month and decide on your business models.

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