Finbond Loans offer short term unsecured loans tailored to your needs and financial expectations.

    You can apply for Finbond loans online from home and get the money immediately.

    Use our loan calculator tool to estimate the total costs of the Finbond loans.

    Let’s get started.

    Fixed Monthly Installment Credit

    Finbond loans are provided by Finbond Mutual bank, an authorised financial services provider that fully complies with the National Credit Act.

    Established in 2012, you can find the Finbond loans branches all over the country, in major cities.

    You can ask for Finbond online loans from up to R25,000.00 at a customised interest rate. The repayment period ranges between 3 and 24 months.

    Interest rates will be fixed for the term of the loan to help you plan and budget well.

    And how much you qualify for would really depend on your credit rating. You can just imagine if you happen to have a bad credit history.

    If you don’t qualify now, don’t give up but work on improving your credit score to qualify for credit in the future.

    Want to know the best part?

    The application process is safe and quick.

    1. Simply complete the Finbond loans online application form with your details and the consultant will call you back.
    2. SMS “credit” to 45040 to begin your Finbond online loan application. A consultant will give you a call to understand you more.

    There’s no security needed, Finbond loans are unsecured personal loans. You don’t need anything to secure the loan, your credit history will determine everything.

    When you get the money, spend however you want – use it to advance your life not to over-indebt yourself.

    Finbond Loans for Blacklisted

    What if you’re blacklisted or have a bad credit history, would you qualify for Findbond loans?

    The answer just depends on how bad and deep you’re in. There’s a high chance you can qualify for personal loans from Finbond.

    Short-term unsecured loans meaning anyone that can afford to pay the installment qualifies. So, if you’re blacklisted, you could still negotiate and prove to the bank, you’re worthy of the loan amount.

    Consolidation loans

    As indicated above, you can spend the loan the way you want – the choice is yours.

    One of the best ways you could use the Finbond loan is to settle or consolidate your loans.

    Pay off all your debts into one central Finbond loan. You will have a single monthly debit order at the lowest possible interest rate.

    You’ll have the financial freedom you’ve always wanted at the end of this loan application.

    Finbond Loans for SASSA

    Wonder if you’d qualify for Finbond loans if you’re a SASSA recipient?

    The answer is yes, you could qualify for the loan upon which you qualify and afford.

    However, Finbond had a number of issues debiting or placing stop orders onto the SASSA cards.

    Hopefully, this is resolved and Finbond would lend you money today.

    Loans Requirements

    To qualify for a Finbond short term loan, you need to at least meet the following criteria:

    • Certified ID
    • 3 months latest payslips
    • 3 months latest bank statements

    Contact Details

    Visit for more detailed information about Finbond loans.



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