FinChoice Loans are personal loans that give you access to credit up to R40 000 with their premier package.

    When you don’t have enough money to manage unexpected expenses, FinChoice Loans could be very helpful and worth considered for fast cash.

    But before we look at the packages, let’s learn a little bit about the company.

    FinChoice is a digital financial services provider that specialises in fast, flexible loans and funeral cover policies.

    FinChoice is a subsidiary of HomeChoice Group that aims at becoming the most preferred credit provider by offering affordable products.

    And because it’s a digital business, you can easily access financial products at the comfort of your own home.

    Let’s have a look at the FinChoice loan packages.

    FinChoice Loans Products

    1. KwikAdvance

    You can borrow a loan of up to R2 500 and repay on your next salary date.

    Should have the money and pay back the loan sooner, you could qualify for more benefits such as low-interest rates.

    2. Flexi Loan

    A simple solution for your financial emergencies. These are short term loans up to R8 000 payable within flexible terms.

    You can pay back the loan in six (6) months.

    3. Premier Loan

    The biggest package FinChoice is offering. You can loan up to R40 000 over flexible repayment terms up to 36 months.

    The loan is provided at a competitive interest rate.

    Pay no interest or fees if you pay us back within 14 days.

    Please note that the above-listed loan packages include a FinChoice Personal Protection Plan. The plan covers the loan in life’s most unexpected events such as death, disability, and so on.

    And just so you know. Each application is subject to an affordability assessment.

    This means whatever amount you’re going to get as a loan, it would have been from the information collected from the assessment.

    In simple words. You will only get a loan amount you can afford to pay back.

    Here’s the best part:

    It’s very easy to apply for FinChoice loans.

    To apply for personal loans over a telephone or online on the website.

    Choose whatever package you are comfortable with and submit your application.

    Supporting documents will be required. You can send them via email, check their website for more information on how these works.

    FinChoice Contact

    Should you wish to find out more information about FinChoice Loans, visit their website at

    On the website, click on the contact us tab and complete the form with your details. A consultant will get in touch with you to further assist.



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