Secure Your Ideal Home

    Securing an FNB home loan involves several steps, aimed at ensuring you can comfortably finance your dream home. Here’s what you need to know about the application process and the associated benefits.

    Initial Steps

    First, leverage the convenience of FNB’s mobile app, specifically the nav» Home feature, to submit your necessary documentation and monitor your loan application’s progress. Required documents include:

    • Your filled application form
    • A signed offer to purchase
    • A copy of your identification
    • Proof of residence (recent within three months)
    • Recent three-month bank statements and payslips, if you are not an FNB client

    FNB Home Loan Assessment Process

    FNB will review your application with a focus on the property’s location and market value, as well as your financial affordability and credit history. This evaluation helps determine your suitability for the requested loan.

    Preliminary Approval

    Once your documents and financial standing are verified, a bank official will notify you of your preliminary approval. This approval remains conditional until a comprehensive assessment of the property is completed, confirming that its condition and value are satisfactory.

    Property Valuation

    The property will undergo a physical or virtual assessment to establish its value and suitability as collateral. Based on this valuation, FNB will extend a final loan offer, detailing the loan amount and applicable interest rates.

    FNB Home Loan Agreement

    Should the property valuation be successful, FNB will draft a formal loan agreement. It is crucial to thoroughly review this contract, understand all the terms, and clarify any doubts before proceeding.

    Bond Registration

    Following agreement on the terms, FNB will direct bond attorneys to facilitate the registration of your bond. This process includes all administrative steps required to register the bond under your name through South Africa’s Deeds Office. Upon successful registration, the funds are disbursed to the property seller.

    DebiCheck Debit Order

    To enhance transaction security, FNB utilizes DebiCheck, which requires you to confirm debit order details electronically. This confirmation can be done via SMS, a notification on your banking app, or email, ensuring that all details regarding your new FNB home loan repayment are correct and agreed upon.

    This structured approach by FNB ensures that every aspect of your home loan application is handled meticulously, paving the way for you to acquire and move into your dream home with confidence.

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