The FNB personal loan calculator gives you an idea of how much you can qualify for, and for how long.

    People seeking personalised credit often turn to FNB loans for urgent assistance.

    With a personal loan of up to R300 000, you can handle any unexpected expense without stressing about money.

    Let’s find out more.

    How Does FNB Personal Loan Work?

    FNB aims at helping you reach your personal goals and advancing your lifestyle with a customised personal loan.

    Using the loan calculator, you can easily budget and manage your expenses knowing exactly how much will be your installment every month. You’ll know everything about your loan application after using the FNB loan calculator.

    The FNB personal loan is offered at a fixed interest rate, protecting you as a valuable client from interest hikes that might happen during recessions in South Africa.

    Select flexible loan terms that best suit your budget and pay off the loan in 60 months (5 years) or less.

    If you’re an existing FNB account holder, the personal loan will boost your eBucks Reward Level and more benefits from the bank. And it’s easy to apply for a loan via the app and internet banking when you already have an account with FNB.

    Once your application is approved, the money will be available to you instantly and you can use it however you wish – the choice is yours.

    You can buy a dream car, pay for education fees, renovate your home, consolidate debts, anything else that is important to you.

    Applying for FNB personal loan is easy, simply visit any of your nearest FNB branches today for face-to-face interaction.

    Find out more about the personal loan by calling 0860 102 632 and speak to a consultant with more detailed information.

    The Personal Loan Interest Rate

    Many loan seekers don’t seem to care much about the interest charged when desperately looking to get cash. However, it’s very important to understand how much you’ll be charged to plan your finances correctly.

    The FNB loan interest is customised and tailored for you. Your number one key factor in getting the lowest interest rate is the credit score.

    Improve your chances of qualifying for the personal loan by proving to the bank you’ll make the monthly installments – that’s it.

    FNB Personal Loan Requirements

    Here’s what you’ll need to have before applying for a personal loan. This will also depend on your credit rating and affordability assessment.

    • You must be 18 years or older and not over 64 years old.
    • You must be a permanent South African citizen.
    • You will need a clear copy of your ID document, proof of income, payslip or bank statement not older than 3 months.
    • You need to be permanently employed or self-employed and your salary must be paid directly into your bank account.

    Contact Details

    Find out more information on how to apply for FNB personal loan, please visit for more information.



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