Today I want to show you how to apply for Woolworths student jobs in South Africa.

    This guide is only for registered students that have a passion for retail and looking to make extra income.

    If you were looking for casual and week work, then Woolworths student jobs are for you.

    Without wasting your time, let’s get started.

    Woolworths jobs for students are available to students looking for casual work, while still studying.

    But before you apply for the Woolworths opportunities, you must at least answer the following questions:

    • Why choose Woolworths student jobs over any other retail company?
    • Do you have a professional CV that will represent you well in front of Woolworths hiring managers?
    • Is your personality aligned with what Woolworths has to offer in terms of work envrionment?

    Let’s help you answer these questions and boost your chances of getting a job at Woolworths.

    Why choose Woolworths student jobs?

    As you may know already, Woolworths is a multinational retail company in South Africa.

    It has over 1 150 stores worldwide.

    The company offers a fast-paced, dynamic working environment with plenty of job perks. They’re forever looking for motivated candidates to take the business into the future.

    Working for Woolworths as a student gives you access to many other job roles that may interest you in the future. You can begin just as a casual student working on weekends and end up managing one of the retail outlets elsewhere.

    Since you’re still a student, it’s just a matter of aligning your studies with Woolworth’s high-ranked job position requirements.

    The best part?

    I’m going to show you the entry-level job requirements at Woolworths.

    Do you have an up-to-date CV?

    Nowadays to lend a good job, you need a well-written cv/resume, that’s professionally designed to suit your personality.

    We know, that many students tend to use the most basic design, black and white CV/Resume template with insignificant information.

    Anyway, let me show you how to ENHANCE yours faster, for free.

    Visit our free, ultimate collection of cv/resume templates page and download samples in Microsoft Word. The templates can be edited however you feel and are ready for print.

    Or you could seek professional CV writing services from other companies, usually cheaper for students.

    Lastly, do it yourself online, try these online resume/ cv makers that include thousands of free print-ready templates you can edit and customize in under 5 minutes.

    This is the most cost-effective way of designing a professional curriculum vitae in a day.

    The templates will help you to;

    • Showcase your skills and uniqueness
    • Build a strong and professional career brand
    • Get more interviews and hired fast
    • Stand out as an industry expert

    Your CV will be available for download immediately.

    Woolworths student job requirements

    To qualify for any job, you would need to meet the Woolworths job requirements.

    First, the company believes in a family working environment. When you work for Woolworths, you need to feel at home to make the best out of your time there.

    You’ll be required to:

    Provide exceptional customer service to internal and external customers

    • Offer exceptional services to internal and external customers
    • Have a passion for retail and selling
    • Be punctual. Be available and flexible to work in different shifts.
    • Have a great attitude to work
    • Have excellent communication skills
    • Have attention to detail

    Bottom line:

    You must love Woolworths before you could even begin to look for a job there. It’s that simple.

    Apply for Woolworths jobs for students

    Woolworths offer the easiest process of applying for jobs.

    1. Apply at the branch

    As mentioned above, Woolworths has over 200 stores nationwide.

    You can drop off your CV at any of the stores and it’ll be sent to the head office for processing.

    This process might take a while considering many factors.

    2. Apply online

    When you apply online, you’re actually building and storing your entire CV with Woolworths.

    Visit to begin your application.

    Complete the form with your correct details to the point and your application reaches Woolworths head office instantly.



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