FNB eWallet is the most convenient way of sending money to friends and family members.

    It allows FNB account holders to send money from bank accounts to any registered working cellphone number in South Africa.

    The best part?

    You’re able to reverse ewallet should you send money to the wrong number.

    Let’s get started.

    How It Works

    eWallet is the best when coming to sending money via cellphone banking.

    The FNB eWallet enables clients to send money to a cellphone number (your wallet), and the money can be accessed instantly, at any FNB atm.

    You can send an e-wallet of up to R3,000.00 per day when using the mobile app or online banking. And up to R1,500.00 using Cellphone Banking or FNB ATMs.

    It’s only going to cost you R10.95 for transfers less than R1,000.00. And R13,95 for any amount over R1,000.00 to R3,000.00.

    That’s the most cost-effective way of sending money to family.

    It gets even better.

    The person you’re sending the money to, don’t need to have an FNB account in order to receive the money. They only need a working cellphone number together and the pin to withdraw cash.

    Sending Money

    Sending an eWallet is fairly simple.

    1. As an account holder, follow these steps to send FNB eWallet:
    2. Access online banking, mobile app, atm or cellphone banking;
    3. Choose to send money;
    4. The select ewallet;
    5. Enter the cellphone number you want to send the money to;
    6. Choose whether the app should provide the pin to the recipient or not;
    7. Enter the amount you’d like to send;
    8. Confirm and complete the transaction


    Withdrawing eWallet

    To withdraw your money, the receiver needs to visit any of the nearest FNB atm.

    On the screen, they need to choose cardless services.

    1. Select ‘eWallet Services’
    2. Key in your cellphone number and select ‘Proceed’
    3. Key in the ATM PIN you received via SMS
    4. Select the amount you want to withdraw
    5. Take your cash
    6. Make sure your transaction has ended or that you select ‘Cancel’ before leaving the ATM.

    You might be wondering…

    How to Reverse the FNB eWallet Payment FAST?

    Yes, you can mistakenly send ewallet to the wrong cellphone and you’d want to reverse and recover the money – FAST!

    So today I want to show you how to reverse your ewallet payment with simple steps to follow. I’ve literally gone through the entire process myself and taken screenshots to prove how possible it is to reverse the ewallet transaction.

    There’s only one cheapest and most convenient method of reversing the FNB ewallet, using the USSD mobile banking service.

    Follow these simple steps to recover your money, faster.

    1. Dial *120*321# to access the FNB mobile banking and enter your unique pin or password to log in;
    2. On the main menu, select option 4 – Send Money;
    3. Next screen, select option 3 – eWallet Reversal
    4. FNB will then notify you of the chances to recover the money transfer with terms and conditions;
    5. The next screen will show you a list of sent ewallet transactions which you can select to reverse. You’ll also get the number, amount, and date of the money transfer;
    6. Select the transaction and confirm the details.

    And that’s it, FNB will then start the process and take care of everything else.

    FNB eWallet Reversal Guide

    Can it Really be Reversed?

    Yes, many customers have done this process successfully.

    It isn’t a simple process, can be frustrating sometimes, especially when the other person already moved the money from ewallet.

    As indicated in the screenshots above, FNB recommends trying reverse ewallet payment that was transferred 72 hours ago.

    Otherwise, cannot guarantee you’ll get your money back and the entire process depends on the person on the other side.

    How Much Does FNB Charge for eWallet Reversals?

    It’ll cost you a flat fee of R13.95 to reverse ewallet payment.

    While other customers claim to have been charged over R50.00 in the past however FNB indicates this flat fee on their website.

    And the process will take 4 to 15 working days to complete.

    How long does eWallet reversal take?

    Unfortunately, your eWallet transaction reversal won’t be immediate.

    According to experienced customers, it takes 4 working days for FNB to complete the eWallet reversal process and pay the money back to the sender.

    That’s if the recipient’s number is working, imagine if you’ve sent money to a cellphone number that doesn’t work.

    Well, they’ll still help you however it will take about 15 business days for the eWallet reversal to complete.

    So, before clicking that sent button, double-check the cellphone is correct to avoid penalties

    How to Avoid eWallet Reversals

    You should avoid typing in the cellphone number during the process of sending ewallet transfer to anyone. Always copy the number from your contact list, this increases your chances of sending it to a working number.

    However, always recommend using the FNB app to send ewallet payments. The app has access to your phone contact list and you can select the cellphone number instead of typing or entering it manually.

    During the process, FNB will present a couple of screens to confirm the cellphone number to avoid sending it to the wrong numbers. Also cross-check with the recipient if the number is correct before clicking the send button.

    Please note there may be a charge when requesting a reversal. If that (wrong-) person had already collected the money, unfortunately, FNB will not be held responsible and does not guarantee you’ll get your money back.

    Alternatively, visit the FNB’s eWallet page on the website at www.fnb.co.za to read more.



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