The Tymebank SendMoney is by far, the most affordable ewallet service in South Africa.

    In fact, it’s the cheapest way of sending money to family and friends across the country.

    Cardless banking services are increasingly being used regularly among young adults in South Africa and Tymebank has just the most convenient solution for you.

    Let’s get started.

    How Does The Tymebank SendMoney Work?

    Tymebank SendMoney is an ewallet service that allows people in South Africa to transfer instant money to any working cellphone number (no bank account needed).

    With the Tymebank SendMoney, you can send up to R5,000.00 per day for free to another Tymebank associated cellphone number. But cost you R6.00 for sending to a non-Tymebank number.

    Compared to other ewallet services in South Africa, Tymebank SendMoney is the cheapest of them all because others charge a minimum of R10.00 fee.

    Cash withdrawal is free. Your SendMoney recipient can collect the money for free at any Pick n Pay or Boxer till points.

    Since the introduction of the ewallet service in the banking sector, this innovation has saved customers time with a lot of benefits of receiving instant cash when they need it the most.

    To use the SendMoney facility, you’ll need to have a banking account (EveryDay account) with TymeBank. You’ll use funds in this account to transfer to the cellphone numbers of your family members and friends.

    Steps To SendMoney With TymeBank

    Follow these simple steps to transfer money.

    Send Online:

    1. Login to your TymeBank account online and click on SendMoney.
    2. Enter the recipient’s cellphone number and the amount you wish to send.
    3. Double-check the correctness of the cellphone number and click confirm.
    4. Your family or friend will receive the money instantly via SMS with the amount and a 10-digit voucher number.
    5. The recipient must withdraw the cash within 7 days and spend the money however they want.

    Send via USSD:

    Follow these easy steps if you prefer using the TymeBank cellphone banking USSD.

    1. Dal *120*543# then follow the on-screen instructions to authenticate.
    2. Enter and confirm the cellphone number and amount you want to send.
    3. You’ll get a confirmation of the transaction.

    The TymeBank SendMoney Reversals

    One would ask if it’s possible to reverse the SendMoney payment to an incorrect cellphone number.

    Well, unfortunately, at this stage, the transaction cannot be reversed or refunded.

    Customers are always advised to double-check the cellphone number and the amount before transferring.

    You’ll have the opportunity to confirm all the details before the final step, and that’s where you’ll be required to double-check everything.

    Once you send the money, the process can’t be undone.



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