It is said that 92% of submitted CVs for a position get ignored.

    Why is that?

    Because screening applicants’ CVs have evolved with technology and time. If your CV is not designed to stand out and look relevant for the job, it’s likely to be ignored by hiring managers and the applicant tracking systems (ATS).

    Online CV builders are designed to boost your CV’s professional look and are quick to edit.

    Not all of us can design, some even struggle to use free cv templates which are editable in Microsoft Word.

    But today, you’ll know exactly what to do, to enhance your CV design in just 5 minutes using smart CV builder software.

    Let’s get started.

    The Way Online CV Makers Works

    A CV maker is an online tool that helps you create, design, and download your CV instantly within minutes.

    They are developed for all people, from students who need to have a professional CV to CEOs.

    They include a lot of CV templates designed for every industry in the world with editing tools that’ll help you format your design in no time.

    In short, you’ll register for an account, choose a preferred template, add your details for the template and publish your CV. Most of these online CV makers offer users the ability to share a link to their CV on social media platforms.

    And that’s it – within a few minutes, you’ll have a nice CV without paying anyone.

    Unfortunately, there aren’t many online CV builders in South Africa but here we go.

    1. Elite-CV Builder

    Elite CV is a leading career branding service provider in South Africa, Africa, and the World.

    Their maker allows you to enter your CV details in a simple form and pre-populate it in a template. When you’re done, the CV will be emailed to you to download – no strings attached.

    The best part?

    They also offer free CV reviews service for the following information:

    • Profile/Professional Summary
    • Formatting (Layout, Grammar, and spelling)
    • The relevance of content and Readability
    • Experience
    • Overall quality

    Visit the Elite-CV Builder for more information.

    2. Teachers On The Move

    Teachers On The Move is an online cv/resume builder by International Supply Teachers (IST) specifically designed and developed to place teachers in urgent vacancies in reputable schools.

    Teachers who are eligible to work internationally register on the IST’s platform and build their cv/resume.

    Established in 1999, Jenni Bricknell, founder and international teacher herself, started the project to help schools save time and money in their recruitment and hiring process.

    IST will conduct all the necessary interviews and assessments to ensure the correct and quality teacher is placed at the right school. IST also provides schools with substitute teachers when a permanent teacher is suddenly and unavoidably absent.

    If you’re a teacher and looking for opportunities, register an account at IST’s Teacher On The Move website.


    One of the best international resume builders that’s available for free subscriptions.

    You’ll create your CV from a collection of over 235 free templates in just 5 minutes – the tool offers a good user experience.

    It also includes a premium subscription with 7 days money-back guaranteed trial. With the free account, you’ll only be able to create one resume and cover letter.

    It gets even better.

    Once you’ve published your CV, you could apply for jobs directly from the software. But unfortunately, they don’t have SA jobs, for now, it’s based more in the United States.

    Visit for more information.

    4. CV Saver

    Create your curriculum vitae with ease using CV Saver online builder.

    Build your CV by following a form wizard that enables you to enter information for your CV.

    The builder includes 10 professional CV templates to choose from – ALL FOR FREE!

    The best part?

    You’ll a link for your online CV which you can share with any employer that accepts them.

    5. Enhancv

    The tool is all about helping job seekers build worthy cv/resumes.

    Enhancv offers a wizard-based editing tool that you’ll update your template as you would download it.

    It’ll help you highlight your best achievements in both education and career in the most simple yet professional manner.

    Visit for more information.

    And good luck with your job hunting this year.



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