Security Guard salary varies between companies depending on the role and responsibilities one performs.

    The safety and security industry is huge in South Africa, due to the country’s high rate of crime.

    A security guard plays a major role in preventing crime, theft, and damage of properties in the country.

    Let’s dive right in.

    The Average Security Guard Salary

    Indeed estimates the average salary for a security guard is R6 100.00 per month.

    The estimate is based on research from over 440 employers recruiting guards on the job board.

    We have also gone the extra mile of asking friends working in the private security sector and they confirmed between R5 000 – R6 000 basic salary to be the correct income.

    But again, this depends on the company you’re working for and the area it is situated in. Well established companies pay way over that amount for a salary. According to Indeed’s estimation, companies such as G4S pays over R11 420 per month.

    And of course, the private security sector has different types of roles and levels of responsibilities. Security officers with higher grades earn more than many others with lower grades.

    So, in a year, a security officer makes about R73 212.00.

    It gets worse.

    The PayScale website estimates the average pay for a Security Officer is R53,801 per year. This means a security guard salary per month would be an average of R4 483.00.

    With this kind of salary, you can only live hand to mouth lifestyle. You have to pay for transport to work, buy home groceries and many other financial commitments – it’s just to survive.

    The Security Guard Duties

    Here’s a list of tasks handled by a security officer:

    Prevent fire – in the event of a fire, a security guard will perform necessary duties to ensure the safety of everyone in it the property

    Theft and Damage of Property – A security officer is responsible for guarding and monitoring the property using cameras and on-site guards.

    Respond to emergencies – A security officer is trained to respond to alarms and emergency situations.

    Greet clients – Guards will provide any information to guests and tenants regarding the site and surrounding areas.

    Traffic enforcement – They will also help with parking enforcement. They will control traffic in parking areas to protect the property.

    Jobs for a Security Guard

    How does one apply for security guard jobs?

    First, you can apply on job boards where employers post available positions in their companies. You’ll need to make sure your curriculum vitae is updated with significant and relevant to the position information.

    Secondly, you can apply directly to the company’s head office. If you know where the office is, you can hand over your CV to the relevant hiring person.



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