Absa CashSend is the easy and most convenient way of sending money to anyone across the country.

    Were you looking to transfer quick cash to a friend or family member. Absa send money facility gives the ability to transfer money to remote areas.

    The idea… is popular known as mobile banking.

    The Absa CashSend lets you transfer money instantly using mobile or internet banking.

    Bank institutions in South Africa have worked so hard to make money transacting as easy and accessible as possible.

    Absa CashSend makes sending money seamless, with modern technologies.

    Absa is a member of Barclays Africa group and one of the top 5 leading banks in the country.

    Why choose Absa CashSend?

    CashSend gives you peace of mind knowing your friend, a family member received the money you wanted to give them instantly.

    The facility is quick and easy to use. All you need is a working cellphone number to transfer money to.

    You can be certain that Absa will protect your money from your account until it reaches the recipient.

    Money is available immediately after send. Your friend or family member will collect the cash from any Absa ATM.

    You can send up to R3 000 per day at the best possible fee.

    The Absa website do not really detail a lot about the service however people around the world have tested and used the service before.

    Apparently they charge a minimum of R8.50. And then, after the first R100, another R1.40 is added to the price for each R100 thereafter.

    Want to know the best part?

    The recipient don’t even need to have a Absa account – they just need to know how to withdraw from an ATM.

    The below sections will show you how to send and collect cash with Absa send money.

    The Absa CashSend also lets reverse the money you sent by mistake. Simply call Absa call centre and they will help you process the reverse transaction.

    Here’s how it works:

    Send cash – mobile banking
    • Login to Cellphone Banking and select ‘CashSend’ and ‘CashSend Payment’
    • Logoff and wait for a secure url to be sent to you by SMS
    • On the home page, enter the amount you want to transfer and the recipient’s cellphone number
    • Create a 6-digit code, which you must provide the recipient with, and confirm the payment
    Send cash – internet banking
    • Login to Absa Online and select ‘Payments’
    • Select ‘Pay’ and ‘CashSend Payment’
    • Select the account you want to withdraw from, the amount you wish to send and the recipient’s cellphone number
    • Create a 6-digit access code, which you must give to the recipient, and confirm the payment
    Collect cash
    • Go to an Absa ATM that offers the CashSend facility and select ‘CashSend’ followed by ‘CashSend Withdrawal’
    • Enter the 10-digit reference number that has been sent to your cellphone
    • Enter the 6-digit access code, together with the exact amount being sent
    • Once the transaction has been verified, the money will be issued to you
    • Only the full amount can be withdrawn

    Absa Contact Details

    If you need more help regarding Absa CashSend, please direct your queries to 0860 111 123 and a consultant will help you right away.

    You can also visit any of the Absa branches near you for a face to face assistance.

    Alternatively visit their website at www.absa.co.za.



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