There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting cheap medical cover. If it does the job and meets all your healthcare requirements, then go for it. More than anything, medical aid cover has become a necessity.

    Sickness can creep in at any moment forcing you to pay expensive medical bills that you did not budget for. Getting covered with some of the cheapest medical aid schemes across South Africa can minimise the financial burden.

    Remember, because it is cheap, these kinds of covers may exclude some benefits. This is okay, because some of the people that do have comprehensive medical aid cover never get to use the benefit. Essentially, they are paying a little extra for nothing.

    Therefore, if you are certain that the cheapest medical aid cover you are about to take out will come in handy should you fall sick unexpectedly, then please do not hesitate to contact the medical aid scheme.

    The Cheapest Medical Aid Covers Under R1000

    1. Bonitas – Boncap Student

    This is one of the cheapest medical aid cover for students that is affordable and income based. Full-time students who are dependents to pay child membership rates through age 24 if they choose the Bonitas Boncap Student option. It offers unlimited GP consultations, subject to using network providers, and unlimited hospital coverage at 100% of the Bonitas cost. Limited coverage is also available for outside-network and specialist consultations.

    2. Health Squared – Foundation

    Affordable, income-based medical insurance with 29 chronic diseases covered, limited coverage for GP and specialist visits, round-the-clock emergency medical help, free flu shots for kids, and unlimited hospitalisation at network hospitals.

    3. Resolution Health – Foundation

    Foundation is a basic primary healthcare plan with in-hospital benefits and basic daily coverage for people with low to middle incomes.

    4. Momentum – Ingwe Option

    One of the cheapest medical aid cover for entry-level hospitalisation insurance that covers up to a predetermined annual cap per household. You have the option of using any hospital, only Ingwe network private hospitals, or exclusively state hospitals for the lowest monthly contribution.

    5. Momentum – Ingwe-Student Plan

    Offers limited coverage for PMBs at approved service providers, minimal in-hospital benefits at 100% of the medical scheme premium up to a limit of R1,19 million, and chronic coverage for 26 PMBs. Since merging with Ingwe, Momentum Health has been providing this plan.

    The scheme requires a minimum 6-month payment in advance for membership to be activated. You can also pay your premium for a full year in advance to prevent having to renew it once the initial six months have passed. This plan is appropriate for both international students who need a visa and insurance in South Africa and for local students who want economical insurance.

    The Cheapest Medical Aid Covers Under R2000

    1. Bonitas – BonCap

    A network plan that is unlimited in specific hospitals. For people who want minimal coverage that is affordable through a network of providers, this choice is perfect.

    2. Momentum – Custom Option

    With the Momentum Custom Option hospital plan, you can receive coverage for as many hospital stays as you need with any provider. With the exception of emergency care, maternity confinement, and vehicle accidents, major medical benefits demand a co-payment of R1 300. Members who choose this flexible option can increase their savings through the health saver.

    3. Discovery Health – Essential Delta Core Network

    The Essential Delta Core Network hospital plan provides unlimited access to a network of local hospitals, international emergency travel insurance for trips and evacuation services in some African countries. Coverage includes ongoing care for some illnesses as well as preventive screening testing.

    4. Fedhealth – FlexiFED 1 Elect Network Fixed Option

    This is an affordable, entry-level hospital plan that offers unlimited doctor visits, coverage for female contraception, and day-to-day savings in addition to unlimited hospital coverage at Fedhealth’s network of hospitals.

    With the flexiFED 1 Elect medical aid plan, you can choose to pay a co-payment for anticipated hospital operations in exchange for up to 25% lower monthly contributions.

    5. Medshield – MediCurve

    Part of the cheapest medical aid schemes for young, healthy individuals, with apps for managing almost all aspects of the membership online. The MediCurve option offers coverage for 26 chronic diseases, unlimited hospital coverage at 100% of Medshield’s premium, and limited coverage for GP and specialist visits, subject to using network providers.

    I have given you an idea of where to look if you are looking for some of the most affordable medical aid covers in South Africa. Living is already expensive, if you can save a few hundred with the cheapest medical aid schemes to loosen the financial burden, I am all for it!



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